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"Waiting On" Wednesday (#86) All We Left Behind by Ingrid Sundberg


“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm picking:

All We Left Behind by
Expected publication: December 1st 2015 by Simon Pulse

From Edelweiss: 

For fans of Simone Elkeles and Courtney Summers, this haunting debut novel is about two teenagers battling their inner demons as they fall in love for the first time.

When Marion Taylor, the shy bookworm, meets sexy soccer captain Kurt Medford at a party, what seems like a sure thing quickly turns into a total mess. One moment they’re alone in the middle of a lake, igniting sparks of electricity. The next, they’re on dry land, pretending they’ve never met. But rather than the end, that night is the beginning of something real, terrifying, and completely unforgettable for them both.

As Marion and Kurt struggle to build a relationship from the fractured pieces of their pasts, every kiss they share uncovers memories both would rather keep buried. Marion desperately wants to trust Kurt and share the one secret she’s never told anyone—but some truths aren’t meant to be spoken out loud. Kurt is also still haunted by his mother’s death, by the people he hurt, and by the mistakes he can never take back.

Explosive together and hollow apart, Marion and Kurt seem totally wrong for each other—but could they turn out to be more right than they ever thought possible?

Why I'm Waiting:

This looks amazing.  I love opposite attract books, and this looks like it will be a great one.  Toss in the the fact that it's a debut author, and this becomes a must read for me.

Top Ten Tuesday (#87) () Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books

Is it wrong that I don't really pay much attention to book quotes, and a single quote really doesn't inspire me?  Quotes that really stick with me tend to make me laugh, but really they need the context of the book to be funny, if you take them outside the book, they no longer seem funny.  I think that goes for inspirational quotes too.  So for what it's worth, here are my 10 favorite book quotes that I find inspiring in some way.

“What you have to decide... is how you want your life to be. If your forever was ending tomorrow, would this be how you'd want to have spent it? Listen, the truth is, nothing is guaranteed. You know that more than anybody. So don't be afraid. Be alive.”
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever 

“Forcing girls to be ashamed for doing the things that come natural to them — it's a ridiculous double standard, and we should all, frankly, tell anyone who judges us to screw off.”

“You have to know what you stand for, not just what you stand against.”

“I think everything is happening all the time, but if you don't put yourself in the path of it, you miss it.”

“I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed.”
Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby  

“Sometimes you lose a battle. But mischief always wins the war”

 “Do not accept an evil you can change.”
E. Lockhart, We Were Liars 

“Well, first you have to be very, very funny. I have realized that it is essential for a boy to be funny. Otherwise, what is the point in a boy?”
Jaclyn Moriarty, The Year of Secret Assignments 

“It takes forty muscles to frown, and only twelve to jam a cupcake in your mouth and get over it.”
Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

“If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  

"Waiting On" Wednesday (#85) Consent by Nancy Ohlin


“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm picking:

Consent by
Expected publication: November 10th 2015 by Simon Pulse

From Goodreads: 

Bea has a secret.

Actually, she has more than one. There’s her dreams for the future that she can’t tell anyone—not her father and not even her best friend, Plum.

And now there’s Dane Rossi. Dane is hot, he shares Bea’s love of piano, and he believes in her.

He’s also Bea’s teacher.

When their passion for music crosses into passion for each other, Bea finds herself falling completely for Dane. She’s never felt so wanted, so understood, so known to her core. But the risk of discovery carries unexpected surprises that could shake Bea entirely. Bea must piece together what is and isn’t true about Dane, herself, and the most intense relationship she’s ever experienced, in this absorbing novel from Nancy Ohlin.

Why I'm Waiting:

This could either be awesome or terrible.  Either way it will most likely be thought provoking and disturbing.