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Top Ten Tuesday (#122) (02/16/16) Top 10 songs I wish that were books


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top 10 songs I wish that were books

I love the story behind songs, I will spend long periods of time reading lyrics, and trying to understand what the artist is trying to convey through their song. It took me a while to realize it, but that is why I never could truly appreciate world music, non-vocal jazz, or any other music that doesn't contain lyrics. I love letting my mind create the story through the lyrics.  All that being said, here are my top ten songs that I would love to see become books.  Some of these could already be applied to some of the books I've read, but not completely. 

1. Hotel California by The Eagles

I am currently way into The Eagles after watching the documentary that was done a few years ago. Over the years there has been such discussion about this classic song, but I'm not quite sure there has ever been a book that reflects the story that is told in the song. That being said, I always think of The Shining when I hear this song, don't know why. I can see a book with a lot of YA angst in a story based on this song.

2. Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen

It was hard just picking one Bruce Springsteen song, since he is one of my all time favorite musicians.  But I just love the sweet story that is told in this song. There would have to be some minor changes to make it a YA story, but I could totally see a book written about a young teen mother who is trying to get through life and still have a life and romance of her own.

3. All I Want is You by U2

For this song, I see a story about a girl (or boy) who wants to give or promise everything to the boy she's with and then just coming to terms that all he really wants is her, and for her to be herself.  Classic YA.

4. Red Rag Top by Tim McGraw

Age the characters down and you have a YA story about a young girl who gets pregnant and the ramifications of choosing to end the pregnancy.

5. Mr. Brightside by The Killers

This song is all about insane jealousy. It was really written when one of the members of the band saw his girlfriend cheating on him, but I love the idea that the narrator is just stewing in jealousy and hurt and imagining all of the things that their love is doing with another person.  There have most likely been books that follow this same idea, but I would love some more.

6. Fight Song by Rachel Patten

A song that is all about learning to stand up for yourself.  Another classic YA type book that has been done, but maybe bring in some of the other elements to the song.  The main character is a good girl who keeps all her feelings in, and then one day she just lets loose. This is a Sarah Dessen book in the making.

7. Girl Crush by Little Big Town

Another song that deals with jealousy in the worst way. For this book I imagine a little bit of Single White Female mixed into the story that the song is trying to tell.  There is no happy ending in this song, so I would be curious to see how an author would end the book.

8. Play It Again by Luke Bryan

Another song that would lead to a perfect YA contemporary book. I see a romantic comedy in here.  I actually see a book that Jennifer Echols should write. One that I would eat up and read about 1000x.

9. Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne

There have been a lot of YA books that deal with girls that have a crush on the older guy.  Sometimes the adult acts on this attention, and sometimes not.  I have never seen a YA book where it's the teenage boy who has the crush on the older woman.  This book would be great told from either the teenage boy's side, or the daughter's side where the boy she likes so much won't commit, and it turns out it's because he's into her mom.

10. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

I almost didn't include this one because it could really be the theme song to any YA dystopian story.  Even so, I would love to see a book based on this song.