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"Waiting On" Wednesday (#50) Breaking Butterflies by M. Anjelais


“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm picking:

From Goodreads: 
The closest he will ever come to happiness is when he's hurting her. Will she let him? A beautiful and twisted story of first love and innocence lost -- written when the author was just eighteen.

Sphinxie and Cadence. Promised to each other in childhood. Drawn together again as teens. Sphinxie is sweet, compassionate, and plain. Cadence is brilliant, charismatic. Damaged. And diseased. When they were kids, he scarred her with a knife. Now, as his illness progresses, he becomes increasingly demanding. She wants to be loyal -- but fears for her life. Only the ultimate sacrifice will give this love an ending.

Why I'm Waiting:
This looks like a tragically beautiful story.  What will the ultimate sacrifice be? 

Top Ten Tuesday (#57) (04/29/14)


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Books If You Like the Television Show...

I don't watch a whole lot of TV, except my addiction to Discovery ID.  So here is my best attempt, some of these are a HUGE stretch.

If You Like the Show Nashville
Country Music, and making it in the country music business.

If You Like the Show The Bachelor

If You Like the Show Once Upon a Time
All about fairy tales come to life.

If You Like the Show Orphan Black

If You Like the Show Revolution
Life in a dystopian society.  With lots of violence.

If You Liked the Show Reaper
 All about the grim reaper.

If You Like the Show Alphas
I think the later books more closely resemble Alphas, but start with the beginning of the series.

If You Like the Show 90210

If You Like the Show Fame
Takes place at a performing arts school.  Just like Fame.

If You Like the Show Freaks & Geeks
All about the 80's.

Feature & Follow Friday (#35)


The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read.

This week's Question:

Have any pets? Tell us or show us!

Why, yes, I do have pets. I have two elderly dogs, one of which is pretty sick right now. They were my babies for so long, I know I'm going to miss them terribly when they leave us.  It is a huge challenge to take care of their extra needs along with the baby and all his needs.  But I do love them.

Jack                                            Taz

How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love Blog Tour Five Random Things + Giveaway


Book Nerd Tours

I'm so excited to be part of this tour.  Read below to learn five random things. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!


“Thick. Heavy. Big boned. Plump. Full figured. Chunky. Womanly. Large. Curvy. Plus-size. Hefty.” To sixteen-year-old Emery Jackson, these are all just euphemisms for the big “F” word—”fat.” Living on a Southern California beach with her workout fiend dad, underwear model sister, and former model mother, it is impossible for Emery not to be aware of her weight.

Emery is okay with how things are. That is, until her “momager” signs her up for Fifty Pounds to Freedom, a reality show in which Emery will have to lose fifty pounds in fifty days in order to win the million dollars that will solve her family’s financial woes. Emery is skeptical of the process, but when the pounds start to come off and the ratings skyrocket, she finds it hard to resist the adoration of her new figure and the world of fame. Emery knows that things have changed. But is it for the better?

 You can purchase How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love at the following Retailers:


5 Random Things About Me: 

  1. I will only do the elliptical machine for cardio at the gym.  
  2. My anti-aging secret: I drink Omega-infused olive oil ever day (I know, gross).
  3. I have the hips of a 78-year-old (thanks, hockey!).
  4. I don’t enjoy thinking about money.
  5. After seeing Catching Fire, I ran over to the bookstore to read Mockinjay to find out what happens next.

Ken Baker is the E! News/E! Online Senior Correspondent and Breaking News Editor, an acclaimed author, producer, public speaker and former pro hockey player.

Ken reports breaking news, conducts celebrity interviews, delivers investigative reports and hosts a range of news segments for E! News, E! Online, E! International, E! News specials and the network’s live events.

Baker has published six books. His newest work is a novel due out in April 2014 titled “How I Got Skinny, Famous and Fell Madly in Love,” a story about an obese teen who is pressured by her family to go on a reality show to lose weight and, in so doing, learns the real meaning of freedom.

His debut novel, “Fangirl” (Running Press, 2012), told the story of a pop star who falls in love with a fan amid a sensational tabloid drama. Ken is adapting “Fangirl” into a movie in collaboration with Converge Media.

Ken is currently at work on a series of Hollywood-themed thrillers set for release in 2015.



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"Waiting On" Wednesday (#49) Hellhole by Gina Damico


“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm picking:

Hellhole by
Expected publication: January 6th 2015 by HMH Books for Young Readers

From Goodreads: 

A devil is a bad influence . . . There was a time when geeky, squeaky-clean Max Kilgore would never lie or steal or even think about murder. Then he accidentally unearths a devil, and Max’s choices are no longer his own. The big red guy has a penchant for couch-surfing and junk food—and you should never underestimate evil on a sugar high. With the help of Lore, a former goth girl who knows a thing or two about the dark side, Max is racing against the clock to get rid of the houseguest from hell before time—and all the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos this side of the fiery abyss—run out. Gina Damico, author of the Croak series, once again delivers all the horror, hilarity, and high-stakes drama that any kid in high school or hell could ever handle.

Why I'm Waiting:

I really enjoyed her book Croak, and this looks like it will be as fun as that one.

Top Ten Tuesday (#56) (04/22/14)


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Characters Who Irritate Me

I wrote this a bit ago, and I'm a bit sad about it, after reading discussions about the unlikable female character.  Nevertheless, how does one limit this to just 10?  Sadly for me, there are often characters who irritate me.  I decided to keep the list to just main characters, because if I didn't, this list would be endless. Here are some of the worst offenders:

There was absolutely nothing likable about Kit.  She's one of those people I would hate in real life, even if she wasn't a serial killer.  She a hypocrite, and one of those people that thinks they are smarter than everyone else.

Bianca wasn't too bad in the first book, but by the end of the series I wanted to punch her in the face if I could.  She is just immature and stupid.

I liked Maddy in the first book.  I thought the character was one you could root for.  I hated her in the second book.  I was actually hoping for bad things to happen to her.

I found Olive to be nuts.  I don't know if it was on purpose, but her personality grated on me.  I think it prevented me from enjoying the book.

I have repeatedly said I have a love/hate relationship with this book.  America is one of the main reasons why.  She sucks.  I just can't get behind her, and find her annoying and stupid. 

Probably one of the most unlikeable characters I have come across. Brooklyn is someone who will do anything for popularity.  She is immature, annoying, and stupid.

I have a ton of issues with Bella, and I'm trying to stick with that.  I can go on and on about why Bella sucks, but I'm sure she will make many people's list.  Bonus points for Renessame, who might just be the most pointless character in the history of books.  Man just writing about this book is irritating the crap out of me.

It's one thing to be weird and different.  Evie is so strange, awkward, and just plain weird that I couldn't connect with her at all.  She was irritatingly weird.  Her weirdness is probably the only thing I remember from this book.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 04/21/14


This weekly recap is hosted by Shelia of Book Journeys and the kidlit version is hosted by Jen from Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee from Unleashing Readers. Each week we recap what we’ve read and look at what’s coming up this week.

Finished Reading:

This Side of Salvation by

Currently Reading:

My Last Kiss by

What I'm Reading Next:

Something Real by