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A Friday Five (#19) Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt


Each Friday I'll feature one of my favorite books or a book I read in the last week and come up 5 words to describe it.  View it as a super mini review.  This week I'm featuring:

You are warned.  I did not like this book.  Here are my five words:

  1. Stupid
  2. Forgettable
  3. Boring
  4. Confusing
  5. Rapid

Stupid:  The plot, the drama, the characters.  Just about everything was stupid.  I actually thought the companion book, which I featured last week was decent.  This one, not so much.  I wanted to smash the characters across the heads to knock some sense into them.  They were both just so stupid and immature.  Yuck.

Forgettable:  I finished this on Monday, within a few days, I have forgotten most of it.  This book was in and out of my brain in seconds.

Boring:  There was nothing that made me want to keep reading.  I actually had to force myself to pick it up a few times.  I just wanted it to be over.  The "suspense" of the big secret was equally boring and stupid.

Confusing:  Like the companion book, Two-Way Street, the story is told by duel POVs.  It switches from a "Before" and "The Trip".  The big problem was in the editing.  Sometimes they put the wrong days, or confused the timeline.  I thought I was going NUTS.  I had to go back and recheck multiple times to make sure I wasn't missing something, but nope, the book's timeline was messed up on a few occasions.  It was seriously annoying.

Rapid:  Once I finally sat down and committed time to read it, it did go fast.  It was an easy read, and could really be read in a few hours.


  1. That does sound frustrating. I'm not a big fan of gimmick-y writing like multiple POVs, nonlinear structure, etc...while it can be done well, so often the story and characters take a back seat to the structure.

  2. Wow! I'm glad I read your review before reading this book! I like multiple POVs but not if they aren't logical! Editing and grammar mistakes are a peeve of mine too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!