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A Friday Five (#16) False Sight (False Memory #2) by Dan Krokos


On Fridays I'll feature one of my favorite books or a book I read recently and come up 5 words to describe it.  View it as a super mini review.  This week I'm featuring:

I read this right before it was released last week.  This was one of the more difficult books to describe.  Here are my five words to describe it:

  1. Mysterious
  2. Entertaining
  3. Solid
  4. Violent
  5. Unexpected

Mysterious:  I won't give anything away, but the last few chapters tossed a wrench into everything, and I have no idea how this series is going to turn out.  It is all very mysterious.

Entertaining:  I thought it was a good edition to the series.  I didn't love it as much as the first book, but it kept me reading and I stayed entertained.

Solid:  This is probably the best word to describe it.  It didn't knock me over with awesomeness, but I enjoyed it.  A good solid book.

Violent:  If you read the first book in the series, this will not come as a shock.  There is violence and death, and killing, and weapons, and action.  If you don't like any type of violence in your book, stay away from this.  However, there are books that are A LOT more violent on this.  I would put it as a good PG-13 on the violence scale.

Unexpected:  This is the word I had the hardest time with.  I'm going with unexpected, although I'm sure there is a much better adjective out there.  This actually goes back to the most memorable part of the book for me.  The direction of the story completely changed from what I was expecting from the first book.  I don't know if I love the new direction or the new elements that were introduced, but it kept me on my toes.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first one, you will probably enjoy this one too.  I am really curious to know what happens in the final book.  I don't know if I can wait an entire year!


  1. This series sounds intriguing!

  2. Sounds interesting! And I do like series where you can't predict where the next one will go.

  3. Yeah, these books were pretty crazy and I am definitely curious to see where Dan Krokos will go next with it. Plus I really want to read The Planet Thieves now since it is MG and can't possibly have as much violence - I'm curious to see what his writing is like without it.