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Feature & Follow Friday (#31)


The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read.

This week's Question:

Question of the Week: How have your reading habits changed in the past few years? Did you get interested in a new genre? Do you read more? Less? Why do you think your habits changed, if they did. 

This is my first F&FF in SO long!

The answer to this is my reading habits have changed completely in the past few years.  Not only did they change once, they have changed multiple times.

I started primarily reading YA about five years ago. Before that, I was mainly reading magazines, and sometimes re-reading books I had loved from years ago.  I was in a reading slump for years.
The last couple of years I saw a huge increase in the amount of books I was reading.  I was also reading a greater variety of genres.  I got a Nook, and then a Kindle, so e-books became something I read.  I also started reading some self-pub books.

Last fall and until today my reading habits completely changed again.  While pregnant, I found it really hard to stay awake long enough to do much reading. Not only was I not able to stay awake, I found I had no patience for books and really didn't like anything I read.  Once I had my baby in November, and really until the last couple of weeks, I have done very little reading.  What reading I have done has been on my Kindle.  Something portable that I can hold and not worry about dropping on the baby.  I have also been limiting my reading to things I really hope I'll love.  And of course I'm reading a ton of picture books.

Why I'm not reading as much (exception picture books)


  1. New GFC follower -- adorable baby! :D

    I haven't even touched a real book after I got my e-reader. It's just so much more convenient. :)

    My FF

  2. Old follower

    *Squeee* Such a cute baby! Congratulations!

    Late at night when I'm reading a real book instead of an e-book,I find myself pressing my finger against a word in my print books trying to look up definitions. /facepalm I don't even have kids to blame for exhaustion! o.O lol

    Tiffany @ A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner

  3. Awww!! Your baby is sooooo sweet!!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Adorable baby. I was resistant to ebooks at first but now they are my preferred way to read. So much more convenient. I still love my print books but they just seem bulky now. New Bloglovin follower

  5. I love the elephants and that little baby is adorable!!!
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    Brittany @ Please Feed The Bookworm
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  6. Hopping through. I've heard a Kindle is great with babies. Did you find for the first few months you were too tired to read?
    My FF

  7. I've also started reading more ebooks since I got a Kindle for my birthday a year ago. And your baby is so cute!

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    My FF .
    Zareena @ Books and Books

  8. What a cute baby. New GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by earlier and following.

  9. Your son is adorable! Oh my goodness. Congratulations!

    New follower via GFC and BlogLovin'. My FF!

  10. Aww! Your baby is so cute and adorable. <3 Thanks for dropping by My FF and following me! :) I followed you back via GFC! :D

  11. *squeals* He looks like such a happy little fella!!! Be still my ovaries.

    I can just imagine you sitting in a rocking chair, lulling him to sleep while you read picture books.

    It's amazing how a pregnancy can rearrange so much of your life, even reading.