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Top Ten Tuesday (#65) (08/12/14)


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read

There are some books that people love, and I should read them, I'm just not sure that I would love them as well.  Feel free to make a case of any of them in the comments below.
 There is a common thread among many of these books.  I have heard amazing things about this series, I just don't see myself reading it.
 People seem to LOVE this book, and I often feel like the only person who hasn't read it.  However, it just doesn't seem like the type of book I would like.

 Another book that people seemed to love, I just couldn't get interested in reading it.
I feel like I missed something big when I skipped reading this series.  Maybe one day I'll get to it, heck, I've even met the author, and have a signed copy of this.

 Another book that just doesn't seem that interesting to me, even though I've heard really good things about it.

The positive is that I've heard the first book is the best one in the series and it goes downhill.  It makes me kind of happy that I probably won't be reading it.

This book has won a ton of awards, it just doesn't make me want to read it.

I think I've avoided this one on principle.  Maybe it's good.  I have no desire to see the movie either.

I don't like Faeries.  People seem to LOVE this series, but my distaste for faeries has kept me away.

It's the aliens.  It just seems like it would be too out there for me, even though it's an incredibly popular book.


  1. Oh I LOVE Julie Kagawa's books! They were soooo good! I like Obsidian too! The series is great! I know I was skeptical at first about the aliens, but this series was really incredible! I was thinking a Roswell impersonation or something like that. But it's not! Plus the heroine is a book blogger! You gotta love that aspect!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  2. I'm torn about Obsidian myself. SO many people love it but, I'm not sure it's for me.

  3. Seems like you're not a big fantasy fan because most of these are awesome! :)

  4. Lisa, I recommend that you try Legend and Under The Never Sky! I just finished Through The Ever Night and I think it's worth the read as it was quite fast-paced and didn't bore me! :)

    -Kat (Perusing Bookshelves)

  5. Julie Kagawa is amazing. I highly recommend anything by her.

  6. I thought the same about Obsidian when I first heard of it. I always used to stay away from alien books because it just seemed to weird. However, the author writes it in such a way that it doesn't feel out there. She gives explanations for almost everything so it the aliens don't seem that weird. I also love the story arc of the series, it's great!

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  7. If you don't like fantasy then I would definitely stay away from Graceling, and I'm reading Throne of Glass right now. Between you and me, I'm not as in love with it as everybody else is.

  8. I am familiar with a few a few of the books on your list. One I really didn't like was Graceling. I didn't like the characters and I thought the story was boring. I LOVED Obsidian!! Jennifer Armentrout's writing is fantastic and some of my all time favourite characters come from this series.
    Monique @ Mo_Books

  9. You should definitely at least try to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It has become one of my favorites. Going into the book, you have no idea what to expect, but it will really be worth it in the end. On the other hand, I would advise you to skip The Girl of Fire and Thorns. It left a bad impression and I truly do not care what happens in the rest of the series.
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  10. Daughter of smoke and bone took me some time, but after a while I really appreciated the setting and story. Graceling was amazing too. I really liked all the Graces and the plot. Throne of glass, another book I absolutely loved - together with The girl of fire and thorns. Funny you've heard that, because most people actually dislike the first book and think it gets better :p

    I'm sad to see that you don't want to read all these amazing books, but I also get it. You can't all like the same books :)


  11. Aack! You're killing me here. :)

    Okay, first of all, I'm going to be one of those people to tell you that you MUST read such-and-such book. Both Daughter of Smoke & Bone and House of the Scorpion are amazing. And I find very few books to be amazing.

    Graceling was just so-so for me. I know it's a really popular series, but it was just... okay. Under the Never Sky made my list, too. I'm just not sure about it. I'm hesitant to try Throne of Glass, as well; it seems like it might be all hype, no substance.

    And I hear you about I Am Number Four.

  12. Lol, I've read and loved like eight of these. If you have any love for dystopians, I highly recommend Legend. And Marie Lu is just so cool. She is also an artist. Under The Never Sky was great because there was no insta-love and the world building was off the charts. Hope you take a chance, but I can totally relate to just admitting I will never get to some books.

    Also, fyi, I Am Number Four is published by James Frey's company- He wrote A Million Little Pieces as non-fiction, went on Oprah, then the found it was all lies. So I wouldn't read that series either!