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Top Ten Tuesday (#101) (07/28/15) Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds

This is actually pretty hard for me because I don't really remember characters that are huge book worms.  Here is my best attempt.
Kristy Palmetto

So Kristy is a secondary character, but she has a love of her trashy romances and she's not afraid to admit it.  Macy the main character also seems to love books, however I wouldn't classify her as much as a book nerd as Kristy and stash of romance.

Lily and Dahs "meet" in a book store.  Both had to frequent it enough to find the book of dares.  Reading is not a huge part of the book, but they both have a love of books.
Liesel Meminger

She's such a book nerd that the name of the book is named after how much of a nerd she is.  She'll do anything to get a book and her books are her most prized possessions.
Hazel Grace Lancaster

She's such a book nerd that a lot of the book is built around a single book and author that she has to meet, if only to find out what happens next.
  Cath Avery

Cath is such a booknerd that she writes fan fiction about her favorite fictional character.  Doesn't get much nerdier than that.
Hermione Granger

Big time book nerd. I would be surprised if she doesn't end up on most people's list.  Her nose is always in a book.
Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy is smart, and he has a love of poetry.  Yes he ended up isolated, but getting something to read during his isolation was a priority.
Elizabeth Bennet

The ultimate book worm.  She loves to have her nose in a book. If had the life of leisure that they had to suffer, I'm sure I would be reading just as much as she does.
Sam Roth

Sam is such a book worm that he works in a book store.  He has a love of poetry and is eager to share it with Grace.  His room is also filled with books.
Sydney Sage from

Sydney is an overachieving book worm.  She seems to read everything that comes her way.


  1. Yay Hermione! Seeing a lot of her today!! I chose Sydney as well! Great picks!

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  2. Awesome list!! Cath, Hermione, and Liesel all made my list as well. I considered Hazel and Gus as well as Dash and Lily. I just finished the Vampire Academy series and can't wait to read Bloodlines.

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  3. Hazel Grace and Sam! How could I forget them? Great choices!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

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