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A Friday Five (#3) Just Listen by Sarah Dessen


Each Friday I'll feature one of my favorite books or a book I read in the last week and come up 5 words to describe it.  View it as a super mini review.  This week I'm featuring a book by my favorite author, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

This was actually the first book I ever read by Sarah Dessen and it was a great start.  I never got around to reading it again, but I saw a blog post about it recently (I should have made note of where, but I forget), and it made me want to re-read it, so I started it right then and there.  Here are my five words that I think best describe this book:

  1. Courageous
  2. Encouraging
  3. Lovely
  4. Troubled
  5. Real
Looking over that list, it can describe a lot of Dessen books for me, but that’s the five I’m going with. 

Courageous:  So many of the characters have to show courage to overcome so many obstacles in their path.  Not just the main characters, but so many of the wonderfully fleshed out secondary characters. 
Encouraging: One of the best things about this book, is that even though the characters go through so much, there is always hope.  It gives the reader the feeling that no matter what their going through, there is always hope that they can get through it.
Lovely: This goes more towards the writing, which is, as always, just wonderful.  It grabs you and just makes you fall in the love with the book.
Troubled: This has more to do with the characters and all the troubles that they are dealing with. 
Real:  Once again a great quality in Dessen’s books.  The characters just seem so real as are the situations they are thrown into.


  1. I haven't read any of Sarah Dessen's books yet, but I have heard really good things about them. This one sounds great.

  2. Yes, you're totally right. I really loved at the end of the book you felt everything is going to be all right in Emily, Whitney and Annabelle's life :)

  3. Wow! That was a GREAT idea coming up with the friday five! I haven't read any of Sarah Dessen's books yet, but you make me want to go out and read some of them! :-)

  4. I own several of Dessen's books(just won signed copy of Too Late for Goodbye in a giveaway) but haven't got around to reading any yet.

    I like your Friday Five feature. The reviews are short, sweet, and concise. I often post comments on reviews and I prefer the ones that are brief and to-the-point. The longer ones, although they may be well-written, are intimidating.