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A Friday Five (#14) The Distance Between Us by Kasie West


I haven't done one of these in FOREVER!  I am so slacking, but this summer has been crazy.

On Fridays I'll feature one of my favorite books or a book I read in the last week and come up 5 words to describe it.  View it as a super mini review.  This week I'm featuring:

This was one of my priority summer reading books because I love the idea of the book, and I love a good contemporary.  Here are my words:
  1. Witty
  2. Flat
  3. Innocuous
  4. Quick
  5. Unmemorable

Witty:  The dialog throughout the entire book could be described as witty.  I'm not sure if it was how sarcastic the MC was, which I totally appreciate, or if it was something else.  But I enjoyed the dialog.

Flat:  I had a hard time picking an adjective for this one.  I settled on this one, because I think there could have been so much more done with this book.  It tried to hit on a lot of things, but never gave any depth to any of them.

Innocuous:  The book was just kind of there, it didn't offend, but it didn't inspire either.

Quick:  This was in regards to the pacing for me.  I flew through the book, which is always appreciated.  I definitely enjoyed it enough to plow right through it.

Unmemorable:  I actually read this a couple of weeks ago, and I struggled to remember things about the book.  That is never a good sign, and it means I will most likely forget most of it by the end of the year.  Now in the book's defense, I'm pregnant, so not a lot stays in my memory lately.

Bottom Line:  I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it as much as I had hoped.  It was a nice, quick, perfect summer read.  It won't change lives, but it won't offend either.

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  1. Love the Friday 5--challenging and fun way to offer up reviews. This one has been on my TBR list to read soon.

    Happy Reading!